azaleas to zinnias baltimore Landscaping


Here is a letter from Ms. Aubrey Wright who recently had some work completed:

"We were contacted by Kyle who was very eager to help. We discussed what we wanted and he promptly drew us a design that suited our taste and our budget. The work was started promptly on the day specified and went very well. All of the work was performed in the most professional manner. Additionally, we added on some work to the front of our townhouse and this was undertaken and performed very nicely including moving most of the plants to alternate and better locations and making a nice curve in the lawn to go around our tree. Kyle even came back on his own and seeded the lawn for us. We are so pleased with our new backyard and the great changes in the front. We will go back to this company in the spring for touch up and maintenance."

A letter from Ms. Robin Worsham who also recently had some work completed:

"This has been a great company to work with. We started in 2008. They helped create a plan, broken down into increments, to completely re-do my entire yard, front and back. They took into account my lack of knowledge and desire to do yardwork, and have created a beautiful and easy lawn/yard. They are letting me do the work in stages as I get the money. They coach me along and accept my desires and input. They have been great to work with, even through personnel changes. They have planted bushes, flowers, trees, moved plantings, erected stone walls, weeded, mulched, put in privacy screens, and more. They are always pleasant and polite! Thanks to Angie's List, I found them."

A new letter from Ms. Melissa Hilbish:

"Best word to describe their work is 'Professional.' Richard came in to give me an estimate on the work. Then sent a landscaper in for plant recommendations. Wall was built first. Richard checked back on the quality of the work. Then a group of like five men showed up and did the entire landscaping job in ONE day. Richard again checked back. I pointed out that one of the capstones on the wall was loose and that some of the pavers hadn't been filled in with bluestone. A guy came back the next day and fixed everything. I got a stern lecture from Richard about watering the sod everyday for two weeks and he also warned me that he'd be back to check. :) Outstanding job and I'll never use anybody else again. Very professional. I LOVE MY NEW FRONT YARD. Envy of my neighborhood."

Here is a letter from Mr. Howard Brenner:

"My wife and I want to express our appreciation for the great job Azaleas To Zinnias did in bringing our gardens back from weed patches. Since I was unable to do anything with the gardens, they were in bad shape. However, Azaleas To Zinnias did a remarkable job in eliminating the weeds, planting the flowers, and mulching the bed. They deserve a great deal of credit for their diligent work in weather that was rather hot and sticky. It is a pleasure to look out over the yard from the sunporch and see a neat and orderly garden patch. I only wish I could walk to the back gardens and see the work firsthand. Unfortunately, that is impossible for me at this time. Please extend my wife's and my appreciation to Azaleas To Zinnias. We did this in person before your representative left on Thursday but feel we can't say it enough. I plan to have you come back in the fall to clean out the vegetable garden."

Here is one from Ms. Drecchio:

"From the day I first met with Azaleas To Zinnias representative to get an estimate until the project was completed, it was pretty much smooth sailing. She worked very closely with me in fine tuning the selection of shrubs and plants for my needs; i.e. ease of maintenance, sun exposure, colors, etc. She kept me well informed of the schedule of the work and was quick in responding to any questions that I had about the work being done. When I requested that some additional clean up work be done, she was more than willing to add it to the schedule. After the work was completed, the rep called me to discuss the maintenance of my particular plants and shrubs and to answer any questions that I had. She also wanted me to know that the plantings were guaranteed for one year and that they would be coming back to check on the weeds that were sprayed. I am very happy with the results as far as the actual work is concerned, but cannot comment on the price because I did not get any estimates from any other companies to compare it with. I am so happy with the results that I am seriously considering having them back next year to help me clean and beautify my backyard."

And another from Ms. McLean:

"Azaleas To Zinnias responded right away to my call. They met with me within a week, submitted a proposal in a couple of days, and recommended changes to bring it within my price range, and then had the work done within a week of my accepting the proposal. It was a good design freeing the inherent serenity of a cool shady yard from the shackles of its overgrown state. It is lovely."

A letter from Ms. Sewell:

"The landscape design is visually pleasing. The plants prospered and look quite healthy. I am very pleased with what they did."

A letter from Mr. Mattingly:

"Azaleas To Zinnias did an outstanding job. The thing that I like the most about this firm is that they stick to their budget, and when they start to get close, they let you know and allow you to make no pressure decisions about how to proceed. In addition, the plant selections are geared towards plants that do well in the Baltimore area and provide food and cover for birds."

A letter from Ms. Feller-Kopman:

"My initial call was returned within a few hours by Richard, the owner. He actually drove by our house while I was out(on that same day) to check it out and give me an estimate. I called him the next morning and told him to go ahead and his crew was at our house the next day to begin the work. It took 5-6 men almost two days versus the 1-11/2 day estimate, but there was quite a bit of cleanup required and they were very thorough and professional about it. The crew who did the work were as polite and professional as anyone I have ever had work on any of our properties."

A letter from from Ms. Levine:

"They did a really nice job cleaning up my garden. Their work is beautiful. They are always on time and take great pride in their work. My garden is fairly large and I have some difficulty keeping up with it. It's nice to know there is a company I can call to help me."

A letter from Ms. Schowengerdt:

"Richard was prompt, courteous, and offered free sound advice when I showed him my sketch and plant selections. His quote was reasonable, and he made good on his promise to do the job within 2-3 weeks. His assistants did a fine job improving the soil, built a nice stonewall, and left the area spotless. My yard is now the envy of the block!"

A letter from Ms. Hammer:

"Azaleas To Zinnias representative was a consummate professional from start to finish. She listened to what we wanted, asked all the right questions, didn't judge, and showed great patience. On cleanup day, she and three others showed up exactly on time, completed the work in the time promised, and did an excellent job. She did all the hand trimming herself, with a good eye and a gentle touch. She then designed a simple and elegant bed for the area above our parking pad, explained and discussed the plans, and executed them on time and on budget. They also bedded an area that had not been included in the estimate, and did not charge more for the work. I would recommend (and have) the company to anyone."
azaleas to zinnias baltimore Landscaping